Sunday, February 16, 2014

Starting fresh

When I first started writing this blog, I was not sure at all in which direction it would go. Honestly, I have so many interests, how can I put all of them down here: photography, craft, fashion, trends, food, jewelry… you name it. I would need 50h per day to post about all these. I see so many beautiful things on the internet and on blogs, so many talented women who all seem to find the right words, the perfect photos, to express themselves. where do they find the time to live their lives, do all the things they do, write about it and document it in such an inspiring way???? One thing is sure: the challenge is a big one, but   I think I will just have a go at it, go at my own rhythm and see how it goes. The core value of Atelier Divalys is creativity. I will share projects I do things that inspire and motivate me and hopefully you’ll be happy to follow me along the way.
The last few days I feel like I was a little bee, going from flower to flower, starting a project here, another there, going back to the first, and in the end never finishing any of them….rather frustrating. As it is the beginning of the year (Chinese New Year at least) and still time to take those resolutions (yes yes, never too late!). This morning I decided I would finish one project and it would be the first of a new series on the blog.
The idea came up last week as I was getting a fresh towel from the cupboard; I did not like the smell at all, humidity had settled in the fibers and given the towel an awful smell. I thought about  a lavender bag I still had from Provence, and decided to make a little lavender sachet, like my mother used to make in the summer; it has the double advantage of smelling nice and of keeping moth away. I decided to give it a personal touch so that it would not be boring... I chose some fabrics that fitted well together as well as some ribbons and started cutting, sewing, ironing and finally filling the little bags with the wonderful lavender. I love the resultIt and it smells like summer (although it is freezing cold here at the moment…). 

 The little lavender sachets have now found their place in my cupboard and my towels (now freshly washed) won't be getting the humidity smell any longer.
Yesterday we were invited for dinner and I brought our hostess one of the pouches, and she liked it very much. I like to bring something personal when I am invited, and these will be great to slip in a bag before going out.

If you like the sachets, or anything I make as a matter of fact... you can drop me an email and I will be happy to sell it to you or to make a new one for you.
Have a good sunday,

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