Hello and welcome.
I am Virginie and by definition  am a creative spirit and a curious person. I travel and have lived in several countries, and on three continents. I am French and live in Hong Kong.
I love to discover new cultures , to meet new people (despite my timidity; my curiosity seems to have the upper hand!). 
My interests are various: yoga, photography, craft, contemporary art, traveling, design, fashion, trends, food, reading...
Up to recently I was not sure on how to present myself. I always felt like if I focused on one aspect, I was leaving something out. Many people like to put you into a box because it is easier to understand, but I don't like to be in a box ;o)
I am in no particular order: a crafter, a photographer, a creative marketer, a trend scout and soon a yoga teacher (in April hopefully).
Atelier divalys is a space of creation where I can share with you all of my interests. 

I love hearing your comments and feedback and for any questions or enquiries please email me at atelierdivalys (at) yahoo.com

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