Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Inspiration board

Hello friends,
When I worked in the fragrance industry I used to create moodboards  regularly to describe scents that the perfumers were creating for our clients. Those moodboards were the best way to show clearly what the fragrance smelt like, and to show why the perfumer wanted to express. I would put together a medley of pictures of people, ingredients or landscapes in order to capture a moment that would best describe the perfume; there would also be colors, textures (if I made it on paper) and keywords. 
I loved creating these inspiration boards and I still do. In my office I have a wall where I stick pictures from magazines that inspire me, words that motivate me and remind me of my goals, quotes from people I admire, and also some ribbons and pieces of liberty fabric. I regular change the photos and new ones find their place amongst the old ones.
Lately, I have ben playing with the idea of changing my blog. So far it is only about things I make myself, but I have the feeling there is so much more for me to share with you.
I want to talk about places I go to in Hong Kong, cities (and countries) I travel to, food and healthy lifestyle, photography and art, and off course my craft and inspirational DIY for you. This is still in the making but in the coming months you'll see more from it.
For now I have created a moodboard for my Atelier Divalys blog in order to have a better idea of what I want. 
What do you think?

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